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Step one DRIHMS

EU project to enable collaboration between ICT and HMR scientific communities to design a powerful e-Infrastructure

DRIHMS Fact Sheet

Step two DRIHM

EU project to develop a prototype e-Science environment to provide end-to-end HMR services at the European level

DRIHM Fact Sheet

And now DRIHM2US

EU project to promote the cooperation between Europe the USA, both sides of the Atlantic, to develop a joint/common HMR e-Infrastructure
DRIH2US Fact Sheet

DRIHM2US partecipates to the organization of "Information for Innovation and Socioeconomic Development"
International Workshop at the crossroad of Earth Information, Technology and Social Sciences, June 23 – 24, 2013, Florence, Italy

This workshop is the latest in a series of workshops on the “Socioeconomic Benefits of Environmental Information”, which have been held alternatively in Europe and the United States. The current two day workshop will take place in Florence, Italy, on June 23 and 24, 2013, as a pre-conference event to the INSPIRE conference. See the program and the abstracts.

The focus of the previous workshops was on methodologies and use case development. With this workshop, we intend to broaden the focus to include the following themes:
Information (Earth Observation, geospatial data, community generated data) as a driver for economic and social development, including measures of well-being that move beyond GDP as an indicator;
Economic impact of innovations stemming from Open Data and the re-use of Public Sector Information;
Importance of communications to reach across disciplines from scientists to citizen-scientists to end-users.

Keynote addresses will highlight the state of the art, in this multi-disciplinary field and introduce the three themes above. The workshop will have a combination of invited presentations, submitted papers, and panel discussions on these themes. In addition, use cases addressing quantitative results are invited. Recommendations for a path forward will be presented at the conclusion of the second day.

This event is the next step in building a multi-disciplinary community of practice to further support the use of geospatial information as a socioeconomic driver. The workshop will provide opportunities to network with both developers and users of geospatial information to encourage long-term mutual support.

DRIHM2US kick-off meeting

On November 8th, at the LRZ Super Computing Center in Garching (Munich) took place the kick-off meeting. The presentation from the partners are available:

Overview of the DRIHM2US activities, click here

Overview of the SCHIM project, click here

The DRIHMS & DRIHM legacy, click here

The SCIHM project

The 7th Framework Programme

This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No: RI-313122


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